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Ultra 100 Miles


Race Category


Running Stones


Finals Access


161 KM

Elevation Gain

2586 M+

Start Date

Friday 1st November 2024

Race Start

Höganäs - 18:00

Max Allowed Race Time

32 Hours

Experience the ultimate challenge of the A+ 100-mile race, passing through 15 stunning nature reserves. Although the terrain is relatively flat, this race is incredibly challenging. The starting point is Höganäs, followed by a prologue to Mölle and the mythical Kullaberg, the birthplace of the powerful legend of Kullamannen. Prepare to push yourself to the limit as you take on the technical single tracks on the beautiful Kullberg Mountain, one of Sweden's most popular nature reserves.

After 50 kilometers, you can recharge with a hearty bowl of hot soup before continuing north to Ängelholm and Torekov, finally reaching the finish line in Båstad. With a DNF rate of 40-60%, this race is not for the faint-hearted. November in Sweden brings challenging coastal Scandinavian weather, gales from the southwest, and more darkness than light. Nevertheless, participants return year after year for the unparalleled experience.

If you're inspired by the legend of Kullamannen and possess the right spirit, this race will encourage you. Overcoming adverse conditions will lead to great victories, and all who stand at the start line are heroes who will gain a lifetime of experience. Good luck to all the challengers of Kullamannen.