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Seventh Seal

Experiencing the ”rest and be thankful valley” called Sinarpsdalen followed by many nature breathtaking reserves along the coastline.

Race Category


Running Stones


Finals Access


50 KM

Elevation Gain

834 M+

Start Date

Saturday 2nd November 2024

Race Start

Båstad - 11:00

Max Allowed Race Time

10 Hours

50 km – Experiencing the Bjäre peninsula with the sea as your constant companion. The Kullamannen Seventh Seal 50 km race is a challenging and exciting event that takes runners on a scenic tour of the Bjäre Peninsula in Sweden.

The race begins in the charming town of Båstad, and the first part of the course takes runners south as they pass through the valley Sinarpsdalen and climb the ridgeline called Hallandsåsen. On top of Hallandsåsen, runners are rewarded with stunning views of the surrounding landscape, stretching all the way south to the sea at Skälderviken bay.

Continuing south, runners reach the village of Ängelbäcksstrand, where they turn west and follow the coastline. The terrain here is quite flat, and runners can pick up speed as they pass through green pastures and small villages. The first aid station is located in the small village of Glimminge, where runners can refill their water bottles and grab a quick snack before continuing.