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Sprint Ultra 100 km

Its at the port in the small fisherman village of Mölle. Its just by the foot of the mythical mountain Kullaberg where the legend of Kullamannen still is alive.

Race Category


Running Stones


Finals Access


103 KM

Elevation Gain

1045 M+

Start Date

Friday 1st November 2024

Race Start

Höganäs - 22:00

Max Allowed Race Time

20 Hours

The starting point for this race is the charming town of Höganäs. A brief 11 km flat warm-up run will prepare you for the journey ahead as you make your way towards the mythical mountain Kullaberg. The trail features small singletracks that will guide you to the north side and the Scania trail, which passes through many small fishing villages. Along the way, you will encounter ten nature reserves, each with its unique beauty.

This is a fast-paced 100 km race, with just 1000 m climb. However, some sections of the course can be technical, making it a challenging route that requires skill and perseverance. You will encounter a mix of stunning views and harsh conditions that will test your limits. But with determination and focus, you will make it to the finish line in Båstad, having completed a truly unforgettable race.