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1st November 2022

Unbelievably strong starting field! 100 miles

Unbelievably strong starting field! 100 miles.

Two really experienced “Kullaberg wolfs” coming back are Johanna Bygdell @running_johanna and Sofia Smedman @iasmedman . Both have several Kullamannen rings in their drawers and Smedman has been on top of the podium twice.

“It’s a good end to the season, it’s hard and tough, dark and cold. Then it’s incredibly beautiful and challenging running on Kullaberg. So hard to resist. This year I have no expectations, I’m still recovering from covid and have had some other focus lately, so now it will just be fun to run long and on the trail” says Amanda Smedman.

“The Kullamannen is a great way to end the season, a great start to the winter training. And Kullaberg is a great attraction … I expect to be able to take it a bit easier this year but in return be able to maintain a steadier and more stable pace. I hope it will be enough for a top-three finish” says Johanna Bygdell who came second last year.

They will be challenged by Claudia Chmielowska from Poland, Lisa Mehl from Germany, Jenny Josefsson from Sweden and Therese Årvik from Norway, among others. More about her in the next post!