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2nd November 2022

Final call

Unbelievably strong starting field! 100 miles.

Only a few days left… even hours. The Kullamannen team now goes into radio silence. We can no longer answer emails as we are on the cold north side of the mountain.

Do you still have concerns or unanswered questions about race? There are some solutions.

Maybe you can call mom or ask a friend for advice? Moms know everything.

However, we recommend that you take a few deep breaths, let go and make your way to Mölle. The staff at the event center can help you on the spot. That is if you come in due time.

But, please do not forget!

Travel together in as few cars as possible. Space is at a premium in Mölle.

Public buses will take you almost all the way.

If you get a lift, get off at the bus station in Mölle.

Bring the following items to check-in:

  • ID card
  • Confirmation letter (it includes a vital QR code)
  • Vest/backpack including the mandatory equipment

And again, get there on time.

Good luck on the mountain all runners! Godspeed!